Greenwich Foot Tunnel

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The Greenwich Foot Tunnel is 406 yards long, give or take a few inches. I went to school ‘over the water’, so I walked through the tunnel twice a day every school day for 7 years. Given that there are 195 school days per year in England, I walked through the tunnel for:

7 (years) x 195 (days) x 2 (times per day) x 406 = 1,108,380 yards

That’s approximately 630 miles, the distance from London to Prague, walking underwater……

[Some of you might be thinking “What about the days he was sick? Or didn’t go to school for some other reason?”. I also went through the tunnel on non-school days, and sometimes more than twice in a day, so I reckon that covers it.]

One of the earliest photos I ever took, in 1977, and one I am still proud of, was of the foot tunnel….

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I’ve been chased into the tunnel…

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